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The Pro-Abortion Program in C++

An abortionist that has been practicing since the 1970's in Philadelphia has been arrested for 7 charges of murdering born alive infants from botched abortions and 1 charge of murder of a woman. For more information regarding this story, please read Jill Stanek's article regarding it on her blog. One pro-abortion blogger believes that the 7 charges of murdering the infants should be dropped. Reading comments from other pro-abortion people is a scary task. It is I who has fished out a truly disgusting and vile reason to be pro-abortion.

Poster Aquaria shared something that his mother told him (emphasis mine):

"This is an orphanage. Used to [be] when you came by on a Saturday, you'd see hundreds of kids playing everywhere, people nobody wanted, or couldn't afford to keep, and nobody adopted them. You don't see many kids here anymore, not since abortion was legal, and maybe that's a good thing."

Aquaria cited this as a reason he is now pro-abortion. I took only one class on C++ in college. I did alright in the class but it has been a while. This is a bare-bones program of how pro-aborts think.




The equation reads: if there is money or wantedness then the unborn is a baby; if neither is true then the baby is nothing but a blob of tissue. Let us test this equation through hypothetical examples.

Hypothetical #1: Wantedness
A woman at the age of 17 becomes pregnant. She was using the pill but forgot to take a dose. She cites this as the reason she became pregnant. She doesn't want a baby right now. Due to the unwantedness of the baby it is referred to as pregnancy tissue and she schedules an abortion for the end of the week. The abortion takes place when she was 12 weeks pregnant. According to the equation, regardless of contradicting the most basic principals and facts of science, there actually was no baby (wantedness was false).

Hypothetical #2: Money
A man discovers that his wife is pregnant. Him and his wife are very excited about the baby. A week later the man is fired from his job as an electrician. They have few support systems and are bracing for the inability to pay bills, rent, and other expenses. Although the pregnancy was initially wanted very much by the couple, the baby was no longer a baby due to the lack of funds to support it (money was false).

Hypothetical #1 Pt2: Wantedness
The 17 year old woman has the abortion completed to expel the unwanted pregnancy tissue. Immediately following the procedure the woman has a change of heart and panics. She knows it is too late and starts to wale and cry. At this point what was previous called unwanted pregnancy tissue is now called baby yet... nothing can bring that baby back to life (wanted became true after the program ended).

Hypothetical #2 Pt2: Money
The woman reluctantly had the abortion although she really wanted to have a child. The lack of funds did not allow the pregnancy blob of tissue to be a baby. One week following the abortion when the blob of tissue was killed the man got a job that paid better than the last. Now with money, his dead blob of tissue that was killed became a baby yet... nothing can bring that baby back to life (money became true after the program ended).

Due to this very complex program that the pro-aborts have concocted, blobs of tissue magically become babies after they have been killed. When using their perverse logic to its natural conclusion it results in equally scary prospects. If a blob can magically become a baby, then a baby can also magically become a blob. What better a way to deal with unwanted born children in the orphanage than to declare them blobs of tissue that can be killed in a "safe, sane, and legal" clinic? No different than the unwanted and unaffordable blobs in utero! With such faulty logic it is strange how so many people are blind to its deception.

Pro-lifers have an even simpler program!



This program simply reads: if it is a human being, then it is a baby; otherwise it is not a baby! Science has proven time after time that a human being's life begins at conception. No amount of religion, opinion, or philosophy will ever change this fact. Please refer to my blog entry Playing the Human Being Word Game and's Medical Testimony Page for further details regarding this line of facts.

"After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being. [It] is no longer a matter of taste or is plain experimental evidence. Every individual has a very neat beginning, at conception." Jerome LeJeune, Geneticist (In 1981 at a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee)

1. Comment left by Aquaria on the article "This is not a case about abortion" by PZ Myers as accessed on January 20, 2011. URL

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