Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Life Dedicated to Life

Growing up, I wanted to become a composer for video game music. When I went to college I started out as a music major intending to accomplish that goal. I became complacent. I took an Anatomy and Physiology class to fulfill a science lab requirement and loved studying it. It was a wonderful class with great students and a wonderful professor. I was enthralled at the inner workings of our bodies created by our Almighty God that it gave me a different insight into the goals of my life. I wanted to protect life. I graduated as a Registered Nurse a few years later.

Today I work as a Case Manager for hospice. I help manage the care and also personally care for patients that are in their final moments. I help them to love life in the short time that they have left to experience it. Life is a beautiful experience with its horrible and difficult times and its wonderful and fun times. As beautiful as life is, it is short. We must value every moment that God has given us to experience it.

Among the worst things in this world is taking away someone's life. Taking a person's life takes away the experiences that God intended for that person to experience. It robs a person of the great things that can be experienced. How much worse is it to take away the life of someone who has only been in life for a few short years, months, or weeks. The beginning of life is the most precious because there is so much life to live in the young.

Indeed it is my goal to allow people to make the most of their lives, even in their end times. It is also my goal to allow people to experience a life that they deserve to experience. I strive to end abortion for this very reason. It is pure evil to take this most precious gift of life away from another human being.

As a Registered Nurse it is my duty to defend the defenseless, give a voice to the voiceless, and be an advocate to those without one. It is my duty. It is my goal.

In music-- enrich lives.
In nursing-- defend lives.
In life-- love and live what God has given us.

A life dedicated to life. We all should strive to live that kind of life.

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Heather Schmenk said...

I totally agree with you Chris, you said it right. No one has the right to murder the life of a baby,no matter how old a person is they are still precious and loved. I could never imagine aborting one of my babies. :( That is just plain disgusting and murder.