Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Additional source for incompetent cervix post

Sometimes I run into an extra source for a topic that I have covered in the past. I figured that it would a good idea to add these sources as they are discovered. Some posts that I write include numerous sources. These sources can oftentimes be more important than the post itself.

Blog post that source was added to: "Incompetent cervix linked with abortion"

Source added to the blog post: (8) Langerquist SL, McMillin JL, Nelson RM, Snider KE, Davis' NCLEX-RN Success: Second Edition, F.A. Davis, 2006, Philadelphia.

Sentence mentioning source: It is known that "cervical trauma may occur and may lead to incompetent cervix," a statement that my education has repeatedly confirmed.

Hopefully this additional source is useful. Also, any suggestions for added sources are certainly welcome.

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