Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Era of "Change" for the Unborn

A Christian supporter of president elect Barack Obama stated yesterday "Most important never give up, never give up the fight for the least among us." (1) Let that apply to us who opposed Barack Obama becoming president. What is Obama's intention for the least among us?

President elect Barack Obama voted four times against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) in the state of Illinois as a state senator. This same bill in the United States Senate passed without one "no" vote. The bill required that if a fetus was born alive that immediate medical care must be used to save the newborn's life. In 2002, Obama stated "As I understand it, this (BAIPA) puts the burden on the attending physician who has determined, since they were performing this procedure, that, in fact, this is a nonviable fetus." (2) Yet, viability is considered to be determined around 23 weeks gestation: "a fetus less than 23 weeks' gestation has almost no chance of surviving outside of the womb." (3) Surgical abortions which fail to kill the fetus at birth are most often the result of the fetus being at or beyond the stage of viability. This is what our country, the United States of America, voted for.

President elect Barack Obama claimed at a speech to Planned Parenthood in July 2007 that his first act as president would be to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). (4) What will the FOCA do? It will reinforce the legality of abortion in all nine months of pregnancy, parental informed consent laws in all states voted by popular vote will be overturned, it will require all hospitals to either perform abortions or else not receive any federal funding, conscience-protection laws will be overturned, will reverse state laws requiring that only physicians can perform abortions, the partial-birth abortion (dilation and extraction or D&X) will be re-legalized, among others. (4) This is what our country, the United States of America, voted for.

President elect Barack Obama will very likely have an opportunity to elect judges to the Supreme Court that subscribe to his ideology. Thus, the court case Roe v. Wade and the companion case Doe v. Bolton that legalized abortion in all nine months of pregnancy will not be challenged. Roe v. Wade allowed restrictions on abortion in the second and third trimesters but Doe v. Bolton gave "health exceptions" to mean something as trivial as psychological to mean "health." Furthermore, psychological "health" was never defined. Roe v. Wade will not be overturned while so many other pro-life laws will be through FOCA. This is what our country, the United States of America, voted for.

It's a new era of "change." A change that will further endanger the lives of thousands and maybe even millions of unborn human beings. How is this "the fight for the least among us"? (1)

"Whoever receives this child in My name receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me; for the one who is least among all of you, this is the one who is great." (Luke 9:48 NAB)

We must do all that we can to prevent this further "change" into a culture of death. Let us defy all odds and live the pure and true Christian life. Be a voice for the unborn!

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